As the name suggests, our site is meant to be a meeting place and favorite destination for anyone who loves books. If you are a book worm we are sure that you will enjoy this site. We will be adding an eclectic selection of online books, from classic literature to obscure treatises about esoteric subjects.

As once Mortimer J. Adler said: “In the case of good books, the point is not how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.”

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We hope that you will explore our website and come back often since we will be adding more books every week. In the near future we also plan to add a message board where other book lovers like yourself can post messages and chat about our passion for books.

Current Books on this Website

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The Works of Lord Dunsany

We are proud to present an online collection featuring nearly all of the major works by the great fantasy writer Lord Dunsany. Lord Dunsany had great influence on the works of H.P. Lovecraft and many other writers. For those who are unfamiliar with his works, here is an excerpt from The Hoard of the Gibbelins:
The Gibbelins
The Gibbelins eat, as is well known, nothing less good than man. Their evil tower is joined to Terra Cognita, to the lands we know, by a bridge. Their hoard is beyond reason; avarice has no use for it; they have a separate cellar for emeralds and a separate cellar for sapphires; they have filled a hole with gold and dig it up when they need it. And the only use that is known for their ridiculous wealth is to attract to their larder a continual supply of food. In times of famine they have even been known to scatter rubies abroad, a little trail of them to some city of Man, and sure enough their larders would soon be full again.

Useful Phrases

phrases We have added a collection of useful phrases and word combinations that you can use in your own writings or everyday speech to add impact to what your say.


The Works of George MacDonald

Lilith We have assembled one of the most comprehensive online archives of the works of the great Scottish fantasy writer, George MacDonald. Although now best known for his landmark books of fantasy such as Lilith and Phantastes, George MacDonald wrote many books including historical romances, poetry and essays. His works influenced writers such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Now you can discover the works of George MacDonald presented in a readable online format.


The Works of William Hope Hodgson

The Nightland Before he was killed in World War One, at the Battle of Ypres, William Hope Hodgson succeeded in creating one of the greatest works of macabre fantasy - the Nightland. Set in the distant future after our sun has died, the Earth is a desolate evil place. The age of man has passed and world has passed on to demonic creatures of the night that surround the Last Redoubt of mankind, where the last few million humans endure.

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