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Impressive Three Word Groups You Can Use to Make a Point and Improve Your Writing

These are groups words that go perfectly together. The groupings use three words each to create added emphasis through repetition, each word building on the last.


ability, humor, and perspicacity [perspicacity = perceptive]

abrupt, rough, and immoderate

abstruse, metaphysical, and idealistic

abundant, varied, and vigorous

accessible, knowable, and demonstrable

accomplished, inventive, and deft-fingered

accuracy, ease, and grace

acquire, classify, and arrange

action, incident, and interest

active, learned, and liberal

acts, activities, and aims

actual, stern, and pathetic

acuteness, honesty, and, fearlessness

addition, correction, and amplification

adventurous, eager, and afraid

affected, pedantic, and vain [pedantic = attention to detail or rules]

affluent, genial, and frank

aggressive, envious, and arrogant

agreeable, engaging, and delightful

air, woodland, and water

alarmed, anxious, and uneasy

alert, hopeful, and practical

amazement, resentment, and indignation

ambiguous, strange, and sinister

amiable, genial, and charitable

amusing, sympathetic, and interesting

ancient, subtle, and treacherous

annoyances, shifts, and inconveniences

anxious, fearful, and anticipative

appearance, conversation, and bearing

approbation, wealth, and power [approbation = warm approval; praise]

apt, explicit, and communicative

ardent, undisciplined, and undirected

arrogance, conceit, and disdain

artificial, rhetorical, and mundane

artistic, progressive, and popular

aspirations, dreams, and devotions

assured, stern, and judicial

astonishment, apprehension, and horror

attainments, possessions, and character

attention, forbearance, and patience

attract, interest, and persuade

augmenting, furthering, and reenforcing

austere, calm, and somber

authority, leadership, and command

avarice, pride, and revenge

awakened, girded, and active

awe, reverence, and adoration

awkwardness, narrowness, and self-consciousness


barbarous, shapeless, and irregular

beautiful, graceful, and accomplished

beggar, thief, and impostor

belittling, personal, and selfish

birth, rank, and fortune

bitter, baleful, and venomous

bland, patient, and methodical

blessing, bestowing, and welcoming

blind, partial, and prejudiced

blithe, innocent, and free

bluster, swagger, and might

body, soul, and mind

boisterous, undignified, and vulgar

bold, original, and ingenious

bombastic, incongruous, and unsymmetrical

bountiful, exuberant, and luxurious

brain, energy, and enterprise

brave, authoritative, and confident

breadth, richness, and freshness

breathless, confused, and exhilarated

brief, isolated, and fragmentary

brilliancy, energy, and zeal

broad, spare, and athletic

broken, apologetic, and confused

brotherhood, humanity, and chivalry

brusqueness, rudeness, and self-assertion

brutish, repulsive, and terrible

busy, active, and toiling


calculated, logical, and dispassionate

calm, earnest, and genial

candor, integrity, and straightforwardness

capricious, perverse, and prejudiced

careful, reasoned, and courteous

cautious, prudent, and decisive

caviling, petulance, and discontent [caviling = finding trivial objections]

censured, slighted, and despised

certain, swift, and final

chance, doubt, and mutability

character, life, and aims

charitable, just, and true

charm, grace, and glory

cheerful, modest, and delicate

childish, discordant, and superfluous

chill, harden, and repel

circumstances, properties, and characteristics

civilized, mild, and humane

clear, cloudless, and serene

cleverness, independence, and originality

coarseness, violence, and cunning

coherent, interdependent, and logical

cold, cynical, and relentless

color, intensity, and vivacity

comfort, virtue, and happiness

comments, criticisms, and judgments

common, dull, and threadbare

compact, determinate, and engaging

conceited, commonplace, and uninspiring

conception, direction, and organization

confident, inflexible, and uncontrollable

conflict, confusion, and disintegration

confused, broken, and fragmentary

conscience, heart, and life

conscientious, clear-headed, and accurate

consistent, thoughtful, and steadfast

consoling, pacifying, and benign

constant, wise, and sympathetic

constitution, temperament, and habits

convince, convert, and reconstruct

copious, redundant, and involved

corroding, venomous, and malignant

corrupt, self-seeking, and dishonest

countenance, voice, and manner

country, lake, and mountain

courage, patience, and honesty

courteous, patient, and indefatigable

covetousness, selfishness, and ignorance

credulous, weak, and superstitious

crimes, follies, and misfortunes

crisp, emphatic, and powerful

crude, warped, and barren

cruelty, violence, and injustice

culture, growth, and progress

cunning, cruelty, and treachery

curious, fantastic, and charming


danger, difficulty, and hardship

darkness, doubt, and difficulty

dazzle, amaze, and overpower

deadly, silent, and inaccessible

deceitful, lazy, and dishonest

decent, respectable, and sensible

decisions, affirmations, and denials

deep, flexible, and melodious

defeated, discredited, and despised

deferential, conciliatory, and courteous

definite, tangible, and practicable

deftness, delicacy, and veracity

degraded, defeated, and emasculated

dejected, discouraged, and disappointed

deliberately, coolly, and methodically

delicate, mobile, and complex

delightful, witty, and sensible

denounced, persecuted, and reviled

dependent, subsidiary, and allied

depth, tenderness, and sublimity

desolated, impoverished, and embittered

despair, finality, and hopelessness

detailed, described, and explained

devastating, horrible, and irremediable

devout, gentle, and kindly

difficult, painful, and slow

digestion, circulation, and assimilation

dignity, solemnity, and responsibility

diligent, cautious, and painstaking

dingy, cumbersome, and depressing

directness, spontaneity, and simplicity

disciplined, drilled, and trained

discontent, revolt, and despair

discordant, coarse, and unpleasing

discourses, lectures, and harangues

disheveled, wild, and distracted

disinterested, patient, and exact

dislikes, jealousies, and ambitions

dismal, cold, and dead

dismay, remorse, and anguish

disordered, wild, and incoherent

dispassionate, wise, and intelligent

disposition, taste, and temperament

dissension, discord, and rebellion

distracted, hopeless, and bankrupt

disturbed, shaken, and distressed

diversified, animated, and rapid

division, prejudice, and antagonism

doctrine, life, and destiny

dogmatic, scientific, and philosophic

doubt, cynicism, and indifference

draggled, dirty, and slouching

dramatic, picturesque, and vigorous

dream, speculate, and philosophize

drunkenness, licentiousness, and profanity

dry, inane, and droll

dull, hideous, and arid

dullards, hypocrites, and cowards

dust, turmoil, and smoke

duties, labors, and anxieties

dwarfed, scant, and wretched


eagerness, heartiness, and vehemence

earnestness, zeal, and intelligence

ease, power, and self-confidence

easy, natural, and unembarrassed

effluent, radiating, and fructifying [fructifying = Make fruitful or productive]

egotistic, disdainful, and proud

elegant, convincing, and irresistible

emotion, affection, and desire

empty, noisy, and blundering

end, aim, and purpose

energies, capacities, and opportunities

enlighten, uplift, and strengthen

enmity, suspicion, and hatred

enrich, discipline, and embellish

enthusiasm, vehemence, and spirit

envy, jealousy, and malice

equable, animated, and alert

erect, elastic, and graceful

error, ignorance, and strife

essence, existence, and identity

esteem, confidence, and affection

evil, disease, and death

exact, logical, and convincing

examine, compare, and decide

excessive, inaccurate, and unliterary

excitements, interests, and responsibilities

experience, knowledge, and conduct

exposure, ruin, and flight

exterior, formal, and imposing


faded, dusty, and unread

failures, experiences, and ambitions

fair, proud, and handsome

fairies, sprites, and angels

faith, hope, and love

false, wicked, and disloyal

fantastic, absurd, and impossible

fear, dread, and apprehension

features, form, and height

feeble, illogical, and vicious

feelings, motives, and desires

fertility, ingenuity, and resource

fervently, patiently, and persistently

fibs, myths, and fables

fierce, dogmatic, and bigoted

figure, face, and attitude

fire, force, and passion

flit, change, and vary

flushed, trembling, and unstrung

foibles, tricks, and fads

foliage, color, and symmetry

follies, fashions, and infatuations

foolish, ignorant, and unscrupulous

force, grace, and symmetry

forcible, extraordinary, and sublime

foremost, preeminent, and incomparable

foresight, prudence, and economy

form, color, and distance

formless, silent, and awful

forward, onward, and upward

frank, kindly, and unfaltering

free, equal, and just

freedom, honor, and dignity

fresh, vigorous, and telling

fretfulness, irritability, and petulance

friendly, amiable, and sincere

frigid, austere, and splendid

fruitful, luminous, and progressive

full, animated, and varied

fullness, force, and precision

furious, sanguinary, and disorganizing [sanguinary = Accompanied by bloodshed]

fustian, padding, and irrelevancy [fustian = pompous, bombastic, and ranting]


gaunt, desolate, and despoiled

gay, easy, and cordial

generous, large-hearted, and magnanimous

genial, frank, and confiding

genius, learning, and virtue

gentle, firm, and loving

genuineness, disinterestedness, and strength

germinate, develop, and radiate

gesture, accent, and attitude

ghastly, hateful, and ugly

gibes, sneers, and anger

gifts, graces, and accomplishments

gladness, exaltation, and triumph

glean, gather, and digest

gloomy, silent, and tranquil

glow, grace, and pleasantness

good, gentle, and affectionate

gorgeous, still, and warm

grace, simplicity, and sweetness

gracious, mild, and good

gradual, cautious, and well-reasoned

gratitude, happiness, and affection

grave, disastrous, and wanton

gravity, sweetness, and patience

gray, monotonous, and uninteresting

great, grand, and mighty

greed, lust, and cruelty

grim, lean, and hungry

gross, ignorant, and impudent

growth, progress, and extension

guide, philosopher, and friend


habits, tastes, and opinions

hard, stern, and inexorable

harmony, peace, and happiness

harsh, intolerant, and austere

health, character, and efficiency

helpful, suggestive, and inspiring

helpless, hopeless, and downtrodden

high, lofty, and noble

high-spirited, confident, and genial

history, philosophy, and eloquence

homage, ability, and culture

honesty, probity, and justice [probity = integrity; uprightness]

honors, riches, and power

hopes, aspirations, and longings

hot, swift, and impatient

humanity, freedom, and justice

humble, submissive, and serviceable

humor, fancy, and susceptibility


idle, profuse, and profligate

ignorance, fear, and selfishness

illuminating, chastening, and transforming

images, events, and incidents

imagination, judgment, and reason

immediate, sure, and easy

immethodical, irregular, and inconsecutive

impatient, inconsiderate, and self-willed

impetuous, fierce, and irresistible

impracticable, chimerical, and contemptible

impulse, energy, and activity

inclinations, habits, and interests

incoherent, loud, and confusing

incomparable, matchless, and immortal

inconsiderate, irritable, and insolent

indignation, surprise, and reproach

indirect, obscure, and ambiguous

indolent, dreamy, and frolicsome

inert, torpid, and lethargic

ingenuity, force, and originality

innocence, intelligence, and youth

inordinate, excessive, and extravagant

insight, knowledge, and capacity

insincere, partial, and arbitrary

insipid, commonplace, and chattering

insolence, injustice, and imposture

intelligence, taste, and manners

intense, weighty, and philosophical

inventions, sciences, and discoveries

irksome, painful, and depressing

irresolute, procrastinating, and unenterprising

irritable, sulky, and furious

issues, hopes, and interests


jealousy, exclusiveness, and taciturnity [taciturnity = habitually untalkative]

jovial, ready-witted, and broad-gaged

joyous, delightful, and gay

justice, mercy, and peace


keen, clear, and accurate

knowing, feeling, and willing

knowledge, skill, and foresight


labors, anxieties, and trials

large, rhythmical, and pleasing

laughter, ridicule, and sneers

lead, attack, and conquer

learning, profundity, and imagination

legislation, education, and religion

levity, indolence, and procrastination

libelers, reviewers, and rivals

liberating, vitalizing, and cheering

liberty, justice, and humanity

light, easy, and playful

literature, history, and legend

lively, careless, and joyous

lofty, serene, and impregnable

logical, clear, and consistent

loitering, heart-sick, and reluctant

lonely, sad, and enslaved

long, wailing, and passionate

lost, ruined, and deserted

loud, deep, and distinct

love, veneration, and gratitude

lucid, lively, and effective

luxurious, whimsical, and selfish


magnificent, sumptuous, and stately

magnitude, duration, and scope

majesty, beauty, and truth

malevolence, vanity, and falsehood

manly, refined, and unaffected

mean, pitiful, and sordid

meek, humane, and temperate

melancholy, grave, and serious

mercy, truth, and righteousness

methodical, sensible, and conscientious

might, majesty, and power

mild, sweet, and peaceable

mischief, cruelty, and futility

moans, shrieks, and curses

mobile, quick, and sensitive

modest, sympathetic, and kind

molding, controlling, and conforming

monstrous, incredible, and inhuman

moral, material, and social

motionless, staring, and appalled

motives, purposes, and intentions

mountains, seas, and vineyards

moved, swayed, and ruled

murder, destruction, and agony

mystery, vagueness, and jargon


narrow, precise, and formal

natural, innocent, and laudable

neatness, order, and comfort

necessary, just, and logical

neglect, rashness, and incompetence

new, strange, and unusual

niggardly, sordid, and parsimonious [grudging, wretched and frugal]

noble, laudable, and good

noise, clatter, and clamor

null, void, and useless


obscure, difficult, and subtle

observation, discrimination, and comparison

obsolete, artificial, and inadequate

obstinacy, stupidity, and wilfulness

officious, fidgety, and talkative

old, absurd, and meaningless

one, individual, and integral

openly, frankly, and legitimately

opposition, bitterness, and defiance

oppressive, grasping, and slanderous

opulent, powerful, and prosperous

organization, monopoly, and pressure

origin, character, and aim

original, terse, and vigorous

overriding, arrogant, and quarrelsome


pain, toil, and privation

pale, ugly, and sinister

parable, precept, and practise

partial, false, and disastrous

passion, tenderness, and reverence

patient, gentle, and kind

peace, order, and civilization

pellucid, animated, and varied [pellucid = transparently clear]

permanent, true, and real

perplexed, tedious, and obscure

personal, sharp, and pointed

perspicuity, vivacity, and grace [perspicuity = clearness and lucidity]

pert, smirking, and conceited

pervading, searching, and saturating

petty, unsuccessful, and unamiable

philosophy, morals, and discoveries

picturesque, daring, and potent

piety, charity, and humility

pillage, arson, and bloodshed

pious, patient, and trustful

pity, sympathy, and compassion

placable, reasonable, and willing [placable = easily calmed; tolerant]

place, fame, and fortune

placid, clear, and mellow

plague, pestilence, and famine

plan, purpose, and work

pleasant, friendly, and amiable

pleased, interested, and delighted

pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction

plenty, content, and tranquillity

plodding, sedentary, and laborious

poise, dignity, and reserve

polished, elegant, and sumptuous

politics, business, and religion

pompous, affected, and unreal

poor, miserable, and helpless

pose, gesture, and expression

powerful, dazzling, and daring

practical, visible, and tangible

precious, massive, and splendid

precise, formal, and cynical

prejudice, dulness, and spite

prepossessions, opinions, and prejudices

presiding, directing, and controlling

pride, passion, and conceit

princely, picturesque, and pathetic

principles, conduct, and habits

progress, order, and happiness

prolonged, obstinate, and continued

prompt, fiery, and resolute

propriety, perspicacity, and accuracy [perspicacity = perceptive]

prosaic, dull, and unattractive

protective, propitiatory, and accommodating [propitiatory = conciliatory]

protests, criticisms, and rebukes

proud, reserved, and disagreeable

prudence, mildness, and firmness

puckered, winking, and doddering

pure, honorable, and just

purge, brace, and strengthen

purpose, intention, and meaning

puzzles, tangles, and questionings


quarrels, misunderstandings, and enmities

questions, disputes, and controversies

quicken, sharpen, and intensify

quiet, unaffected, and unostentatious


raise, refine, and elevate

rapid, robust, and effective

rapt, emotional, and mystic

raptures, transports, and fancies

rash, violent, and indefinite

readiness, skill, and accuracy

reading, reflection, and observation

reaffirmed, amplified, and maintained

real, earnest, and energetic

regard, esteem, and affection

relaxation, recreation, and pleasure

religion, politics, and literature

reminiscences, associations, and impressions

remote, careless, and indifferent

reparations, restitutions, and guarantees

repress, curb, and correct

reproach, shame, and remorse

reproof, correction, and instruction

resentment, hatred, and despair

resolute, patient, and fervent

resourceful, steadfast, and skilful

respect, admiration, and homage

rest, respite, and peace

restless, discontented, and rebellious

restraint, self-denial, and austerity

reticent, restrained, and reserved

reverie, contemplation, and loneliness

rich, thoughtful, and glowing

ridicule, sarcasm, and invective [invective = abusive language]

rights, powers, and privileges

rise, flourish, and decay

robustness, elasticity, and firmness

romance, adventure, and passion

rough, barren, and unsightly

rude, sulky, and overbearing

rush, roar, and shriek


sacredness, dignity, and loveliness

sad, gloomy, and suspicious

safe, sensible, and sane

sanguine, impulsive, and irrepressible [sanguine = cheerfully confident; optimistic]

sarcasm, satire, and ridicule

satiety, surfeit, and tedium

savage, fierce, and intractable

scheming, contriving, and dishonesty

self-absorbed, conceited, and contemptuous

self-conscious, artificial, and affected

self-exacting, laborious, and inexhaustible

selfishness, coarseness, and mendacity [mendacity = untruthfulness]

sense, grace, and good-will

sensibility, harmony, and energy

sensitive, ardent, and conscientious

serene, ineffable, and flawless [ineffable = indescribable]

serious, calm, and searching

settled, adjusted, and balanced

shallow, false, and petty

shapes, forms, and artifices

sharpness, bitterness, and sarcasm

shivering, moaning, and weeping

shrewd, artful, and designing

shy, wild, and provocative

sick, ashamed, and disillusioned

silent, cold, and motionless

simple, full, and impressive

sin, selfishness, and luxury

sincere, placable, and generous [placable = easily calmed; tolerant]

skill, sagacity, and firmness [sagacity = farsighted; wise]

sleekness, stealth, and savagery

slovenly, base, and untrue

slow, reluctant, and unwelcome

smirking, garrulous, and pretentious [garrulous = excessive and trivial talk]

smooth, sentimental, and harmonious

smug, fat, and complacent

sneers, innuendoes, and insinuations

social, esthetic, and intellectual

solitary, sedentary, and lifeless

sound, human, and healthy

sour, malignant, and envious

spacious, clean, and comfortable

speechless, motionless, and amazed

spirit, vigor, and variety

spitefulness, dishonesty, and cruelty

splendid, powerful, and enduring

startling, alarming, and vehement

statesmen, philosophers, and divines

steadiness, self-control, and serenity

stern, forbidding, and unfeeling

stiff, decorous, and formal

strained, worn, and haggard

strange, dark, and mysterious

strengthen, invigorate, and discipline

strenuous, intelligent, and alive

striking, bold, and magnificent

stripped, swept, and bare

strong, cool, and inflexible

studied, discussed, and debated

sturdy, energetic, and high-minded

style, manner, and disposition

subtle, delicate, and refined

successful, energetic, and ingenious

sudden, vehement, and unfamed

suggestive, stimulating, and inspiring

sullen, silent, and disconsolate

suppliant, gentle, and submissive [suppliant = asking humbly]

surprise, admiration, and wonder

suspicious, restive, and untractable

swiftness, mobility, and penetrativeness

sympathy, service, and compassion


talent, scholarship, and refinement

tameness, monotony, and reserve

taste, feeling, and sentiment

tedious, painful, and distressing

temper, pride, and sensuality

temperament, character, and circumstance

temperate, sweet, and venerable

tenderness, loyalty, and devotion

terror, remorse, and shame

terseness, simplicity, and quaintness

theatrical, sensational, and demonstrative

thought, utterance, and action

threats, cries, and prayers

thrilling, dramatic, and picturesque

thwart, criticize, and embarrass

time, thought, and consideration

touched, strengthened, and transformed

tradition, prejudice, and stupidity

tragic, tremendous, and horrible

transparent, theatric, and insincere

treachery, envy, and selfishness

tremulous, soft, and bright [tremulous = trembling, quivering, shaking]

trial, discipline, and temptation

tricks, shufflings, and frauds

trivial, labored, and wearisome

true, lasting, and beneficial

tyranny, injustice, and extortion


ugly, scowling, and offensive

unbending, contemptuous, and scornful

unclean, shameful, and degrading

undecided, wavering, and cautious

unearthly, horrible, and obnoxious

uneasy, overstrained, and melancholy

unity, emphasis, and coherence

unmodulated, cold, and expressionless

unphilosophical, unsystematic, and discursive

unscrupulous, heartless, and hypocritical

unwholesome, bewildering, and unprofitable

unworldly, peaceable, and philosophical

upright, kind-hearted, and blameless

urgent, tumultuous, and incomprehensible


vague, impalpable, and incongruous

vanities, stupidities, and falsehoods

venerable, patriotic, and virtuous

verities, certainties, and realities

vigilant, inveterate, and unresting [inveterate = long established]

vigorous, subtle, and comprehensive

violent, sinister, and rebellious

virtue, genius, and charm

visionary, fraudulent, and empirical

vital, formidable, and dominant

vivid, comprehensible, and striking

vulgarity, ignorance, and misapprehension


waddling, perspiring, and breathless

want, worry, and woe

wasteful, indolent, and evasive

watchful, suspicious, and timid

wealth, position, and influence

wearied, despondent, and bewildered

weight, size, and solidity

well-proportioned, logical, and sane

whimsical, fantastic, and impracticable

wholesome, beautiful, and righteous

wicked, pernicious, and degrading

wild, confused, and dizzy

wilful, wanton, and deliberate

will, energy, and self-control

wisdom, patriotism, and justice

wit, fancy, and imagination

worthless, broken, and defeated

wretchedness, deformity, and malice

wrinkled, careworn, and pale


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